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I am Ronald Opaco. I was born October 
10,1987. I studied Grade School and High 
School in Batangas then College at
Informatics Computer Institute Ortigas Center. I 
took up a short course. I used to be a service crew 
for more than a year, since February 2006. I’ve 
been through 3 Fast Food Companies but I found 
my home in a Call Center Industry, since January 2009-Present.  I love nature, 
that’s why I love taking pictures of trees, flowers 
and different animals. I love going to the 
beach. I love photography, especially outdoor.  I love music as well.  I AM SINGLE! LOL Ò¬Ó

Picture taken from Pundaquit Zambales near Anawangin.

Libra Man

September 24 TO October 23
Slogan: I Unite, Therefore I am.™

my Biggest Strength: grace and charm when helping others.

my Potential Weakness: Forgetting to take care of my own needs.


When dating a Libra man remember that, while extremely loving themselves, they in turn need to be loved, so their partner should not refrain from showing and expressing their love and feelings toward them.
Ruled by Venus, the Libra man is programmed for love and some say that they are the most proficient lovers of all.
Libra men worship romance and seduction, can be extremely flirtatious and know how to please, excite and tease. They can be outright sexual adventurers in the event their sex-life losses lustre and will readily look elsewhere. They tend to prefer a partner who takes the initiative so that a seductive partner who is prepared to worship them makes for an ideal combination.
The Libra man as a lover is a harmonious soul who adores love, beauty, romance and dance. Any partner who can blend with these principle pleasures is bound to seductively attract the Libra man.
When suitably partnered the Libra man exudes a sex appeal that is off the charts!
The Libra man needs someone who can give them feedback and support, and affirm that they are a treasure to behold. A partner who can bring Libra to an open state, to think less and feel more, will be rewarded with a grateful and passionate lover.
The lower back and buttocks form the Libra erogenous area so a little fondling, patting and pinching in that area should soon arouse the Libra man for a romantic session.
Libra is the sign of partnerships, unions, and marriage and, for those men born under this sign there is the inherent desire to merge. Libra men can be very romantically inclined at a very early age in life. The Libra man can find it very difficult to be alone and, can often prefer to remain within an unsatisfactory relationship rather than to be in no relationship whatsoever.
These men have the tendency to idealize their lovers and, have the further tendency of preferring to embellish the good aspects in them whilst minimizing the difficult. This can be a very unbalanced outlook and, such an outlook can often lead to disappointment.
Once mature, the Libra man has an instinctive sense of the fair and just in all their relationship involvements. These men definitely have a strong inclination toward the long-lasting relationship.
The Libra man will generally relate well with people of all the signs, however, those of Sagittarius and Leo can be particularly rewarding.
Best Bed Mates for the Libra Man: Gemini, Aquarius, Leo, Sagittarius , Taurus, and Libra.


Born under the sign of Libra, the sign ruled by Venus the goddess of love; the Libra man is one who definitely searches for peace, quality, and justice in everything he does. He is generally working to try to balance the oppositional forces that he senses exists all about him.
Although his personal outlook is an unbiased one, he will often find himself involved in conflicting situations that will require him to seek resolutions
With his natural instinct in knowing what is fair and equitable, the astute Libra man can often be is very useful and fair in the capacities of a mediator, a judge, or as a good friend if arbitrating differences between others.
In his own life, the Libra man may find that there is a basic duality as one of his scales is usually leaning towards compromise while the other leans toward his getting his own way.
The Libra man must take caution and be aware of his tendency to put off, or avoid, that which seems uncomfortable.
The Libra man can be quite inconsistent and erratic, ignoring personal responsibilities and preferring instead, to create only temporary and somewhat shallow solutions to problems.
The sign of Libra is considerably socially aware; so many Libra men take interest in, and dedicated time to the issues of human rights.
Libra is the sign of the statesman, the manager, and the arbitrator.
If seeking the truth then call on a Libra who, with their strong sense for justice and fair play, will review all aspects of an issue before making a careful and deliberate decision once they themselves are convinced it’s the right one. They are capable people in leadership roles and will be dedicated and hard working to earn recognition. Librans are truth-seekers who welcome opinions, ideas and points of view that challenge their own, thus they will enjoy a good argument.
These are kind and fair-minded people who are loving and much loved. They place great importance on the establishment of harmony and they practice interpersonal diplomacy to maintain affairs in balance.
Librans are generally attractive people who enjoy beautiful surroundings whether in the home or office.
Where decisions have to be made the Libra man may well appear to be somewhat indecisive as they swing back and forth over the subject. In crises mode however they can often spring to amazing action.
Libra men are ambitious, they know where they’re going and, once they overcome their inherent tendency for indecision, they can make exceptional executives.
Their innate sense of fair play and justice allows them to consider all sides of an argument or discussion before arriving at   balanced decisions. These qualities, together with their natural finesse and ability to remain cool during disagreement, provide them the skills to manage meetings, direct discussions, put together agreements and finalize deals.
Their natural ability to manage and negotiate disagreements means that many Librans can find a satisfying vocation in the diplomatic scenario.
Libra represents partnership, peace, harmony and diplomacy, the ability to persuade, convince, conciliate and balance matters surrounding them.
Vocations related to harmony, justice, intellectual projects, beauty and anything involving dealing with the public are compatible to the Libra Man.

Some suitable vocations for the Libra Man:

Academic, Architect, Artist – Art dealer, Appraiser, Beautician, Counselling, Diplomatic, Designing, Engraving, Hairdressing, Host Professional, Interior Decorating, Judge, Lawyer, Landscape Design, Modelling, Mediator, Negotiator, Politician, Psychologists, Public Relations, Recruitment, Sculptor, Writer, Umpire.


Libra men love luxuries and good living in keeping with the sign of the goddess of beauty. However, in accordance with their sign of the scales and balance, the Libra man will endeavour to balance his urge for the finer things of life by some appropriate saving and economies.
Irrespective, the scales can tip back and forth, and in this respect the Libra man can find himself having to periodically tighten his belt as result of earlier bouts of unbalanced spending!
Many Libra men favour investment of their money into partnership ventures. Such ventures will generally work out far better where the partner is not the bed mate. The combination of money and love is not the best for those of the sign of Libra, although there are of course, exceptions.
For those Libra men who invest in the stock market there will be a natural tendency to settle toward a balanced portfolio of stocks, bonds and investment funds.


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